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Nikolaos Vernikos | Dental Surgeons Naxos

The dental office of "Nikolaos Vernikos", which is based in the Square Protodikiou in Naxos, is a modern, functional and pleasant venue that focuses on the patient and secures his health, provides you with the most painless and medically documented solution to the problem you are concerned with .
The clinic started its operation in Naxos in 2006 and is equipped with every modern dental instrument to better cope with the incidents, and we never stop renewing our know-how and equipment.
With attention to detail and with the help of modern logistic infrastructure, we create together the ideal smile, taking into account your own needs, adjusting the prices to them.
The hygiene of both dental tools and the actual space is an important factor in the quality of the services provided.
Our philosophy is patient confidence in our person, trust, obtained with detailed information about treatment options, understanding of individual needs and expectations, excellent, painless, and high quality dental services with modern scientific evidence Technological methods and instruments tailored to each individual patient.

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Nikolaos Vernikos | Dental surgeon
Square Protodikiou, Naxos
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